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Silo Cleaning Difference

We Are Efficient

The Boss Silo Cleaning Machine
The Boss Silo Cleaning Machine moves more material than any other method. It minimizes downtime, speeds cleaning and represents a field proven technique used on hundreds of silos throughout the United States.

"Our company's success depends on our customer's satisfaction."

USA Silo Service, Inc. is a bulk storage removal/clean-out and industrial coating corporation that has serviced the needs of the industry for many years. Our services have been successfully performed throughout the United States and Canada and have proven benefits for our customers. USA Silo Service has saved our customers time and money while maintaining quality customer service throughout job completion. Whatever the job, whatever the goal, our services will be performed with your satisfaction in mind. Accordingly, we will not begin a job until your needs are understood, and we will not end a job until your needs are met. Our services are designed to recognize, understand and meet your project goals.


Clean Concrete Silos

Our services are not a Short-term Fix, they are a Long-term Solution...

  • Dependable
  • Dedicated
  • Diverse

We Are Effective

"We offer knowledge and experience and strictly enforce a safe environment."

Large Silo build up

USA Silo Service's skilled service technicians are trained to perform our services safely and effectively. Utilizing a No-Entry Approach to material removal/clean-out, we have experience in removing materials that were lumped, bridged, ratholed, scaled and many other types of material presentations. Furthermore, our specialized equipment is designed to remove/clean-out material housed in storage facilities containing:


  • Borax
  • Carbon Black
  • Cement
  • Clay
  • Clinker
  • Coal
  • Fly Ash
  • Foundry Sand
  • Grain
  • Grain Products
  • Gypsum
  • Lime
  • Palletized Fly Ash
  • Plastic
  • Salt
  • Soda Ash
  • And Many More

Rubberized Roof-Top Coating - Stable in Hot or Cold Conditions

USA Silo Service's coating service is equally as effective. We use a rubber coating that is thermally stable and has high tolerance to both hot and cold weather extremes. It resists cracking and peeling due to ozone and ultraviolet exposure and offers excellent protection against oxidation, humidity and corrosive environments. The coating also exhibits excellent resistance to alkali, salts, abrasions and acid fumes. Moreover, the rubber coating reduces costly reapplications of surface protectants and can be applied to many surfaces such as listed below:

  • Metal Buildings and Roofs
  • Modified BUR Roofs
  • Grain Silos and Bins
  • Single Ply Roofs
  • Urethane Foam Roofs
  • Excellent adhesion to aluminum, galvanized steel, painted surfaces and modified bitumen

We Are Economical

"With USA Silo Service, Inc., you can save money while you make money, too!"

The goal of every business is to get the most for its money. Our bulk storage removal/clean-out and coating services will help you to achieve your goals. We know that cost-efficiency is foremost in the minds of our customers, therefore cost-cutting measures make our packages financially attractive and extremely competitive. Additionally, our removal/clean-out service allows you to regain 100% storage capacity while freeing your material for production and resale. All of this adds up to savings for you. Dead storage is costly storage. Don't lose storage capacity, production time or resale value. Material removal is quick and effective with USA Silo Service's specialized equipment. Moreover, a single application of the rubber roof coating may offer you another cost savings and become a solution to your roofing problems. The rubber coating we employ is extremely effective in sealing cracks, laps, fasteners and penetrations on roof surfaces, and it can withstand the expansion and contraction encountered at seams, joints and penetrations on roof surfaces.

Our Safety Guarantee to You

"We are MSHA Part 46 certified and in compliance with OSHA Standards."

As a condition of USA Silo Service's strict enforcement of safety, our service technicians are MSHA Part 46 certified and are in compliance with all current OSHA standards. USA Silo Service maintains further safety programs that address Emergency Action and Fire Prevention Plan Elements, Hazard Recognition, Lock-Out/Tag-Out and Confined Space Entry. Daily and weekly safety checklists and meetings ensure safety compliance. USA Silo Service also promotes a drug-free environment and supports random drug testing. Our guidelines are strict, and they are enforced. Caution tape and warning signs will be posted around our work areas. Finally, as a result of our technology, we offer a No-Entry Approach for safer removal of product from your bulk storage facilities. USA Silo Service demands a safe working environment and a job well done. Our trained service technicians are professionals who will comply with our strict guidelines for safety and customer satisfaction.

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